Dust Collection Filter for Keller Vario T1.0

Part Number: RFT759/10
OEM #: 141759, 0141759, VARIO T1.0
  • Type: Dust collection filter
  • Dust Collector OEM: Keller

Product Information:

Check out our direct drop-in replacement for the Keller Vario T1.0 (used on L2530):

  • Form fit function replacements to OEM originals
  • Highest quality, made in Europe
  • Media coated with PTFE, providing ease of dust release
  • Tip-to-tip gluing of media, providing maximum strength and long life
  • Filter media meets HEPA H13 – H14 standards: capable of removing up to 99.995% of the finest laser grade dust
  • Includes gasket
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