Mirrors Suitable for TRUMPF®

Richardson Electronics is an industry-leading distributor of CO2 laser mirrors. Our worldwide inventory network allows us to maintain inventory of replacement laser mirrors for the most common makes and models of industrial lasers, medical lasers, and other laser systems.

The number of possible mirror variations in our industry is vast. With that in mind, please ask Richardson Electronics to help you find CO2 laser mirrors for your laser. We work with suppliers of cavity and beam delivery mirrors and can supply replacement mirrors in a variety of materials, diameters and thicknesses for lasers from major manufacturers.

As it is the case with all CO2 laser consumables supplied by Richardson Electronics, we want to bring to you the advantage of sourcing parts manufactured from superior quality materials that meet or exceed the tightest tolerances, at a competitive cost. 

Contact Richardson Electronics  today to learn more about our available CO2 laser mirrors, or request a quote  for quote for the replacement mirrors you need.

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