Laser Optics Suitable for Bystronic®

Richardson Electronics has a wide range of replacement laser lenses suitable for Bystronic® available. We offer both standard and low absorption lenses. All diameters, focal lengths, and edge thicknesses are available to match the requirements of most Bystronic® make and model. Our extensive inventory of CO2 laser optics suitable for Bystronic® makes it easy to find what you need in the quantity you require.

Benefits of low absorption lenses and when should they be used:

  • Low absorption lenses absorb up to 50% less of the laser beam energy than standard absorption lenses.
  • Low absorption lenses are less affected by thermal lensing, thereby, providing higher focusing stability.
  • Low absorption lenses tend to be easier to clean due to their tough top coating.
  • Low absorption lenses tend to last 1.5x to 2x longer than standard coated lenses, due to the reduced rate of absorption, which slows thermal breakdown.
  • The above benefits are realized on lasers that are ≥4kW in power!
  • There are no benefits in using low absorption lenses in lasers that are <4kW in power!

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