Power Grid Tubes

Richardson Electronics is the world's leading supplier of replacement RF power tubes for CO2 lasers. We offer the highest quality aftermarket replacement tubes such as the RS3021CJ, RS2048CJC (made by Thales), and others, at competitive prices. If you are looking for and RS2048CJ or RS2048CJC, look no further than our Thales original laser tube.

NEW!! We are now offering driver stage repair and exchange for industrial CO2 laser systems.  Learn more.

For industrial laser systems, we offer original OEM-quality replacement RF power tubes for use in CO2 laser systems from these major manufacturers:

  • Bystronic
  • Electrox
  • Mazak
  • Prima
  • Zed Instrument

Please select an OEM below to see our Tubes by Part Number, and find the corresponding replacement RF power tube for your laser machine.

Richardson Electronics' replacement RF power tubes are manufactured by the leading power grid and special purpose tube manufacturers from Europe, the United States, and Japan. We carry replacement tubes from Thales, National, and Toshiba. We supply nothing but the highest quality replacement RF tubes, at the best possible prices.

We are a worldwide supplier of aftermarket RF power tubes, with presence in over 43 countries around the globe. In addition to our local inventories, we maintain an extensive global inventory network to ensure same day shipping and fast deliveries. By turning customer orders around so quickly, we help you stay on schedule.

The superior quality of our replacement RF power tubes, our broad selection, and our competitive prices make Richardson Electronics the number one aftermarket RF tube supplier in the world. Contact Richardson Electronics today to learn more, or request a quote for the RF power tubes that your laser system needs.

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