MECOS IMC15 Frequency Converter

Part Number: IMC15-R
OEM #: 0359329, 0368126, 1645226
  • Type: Other Laser Consumable

The MECOS IMC15 is a key component used in most Trumpf® CO2 lasers. The IMC15 is a frequency converter with an integrated bearing controller used to drive the turbine in the resonator.

Our Powerlink Division has developed the capability to remanufacture these units in a similar fashion as we currently do to recondition driver stages. The Mecos IMC15 frequency converters are available on an exchange basis.

This item is direct drop-in replacement for TRUMPF® materials 0359329 or 0368126 (RELL number: IMC15-R.)

Our remanufacturing process involves a thorough 32-point step-by-step diagnostics, repair and/ or replacement of all key components, and concludes with a dynamic testing in a fully simulated lifelike environment.
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