Feb 14, 2022

Laser Tech Tips - RF Power Tubes


A new RF power tube for your CO2 laser can be costly, don’t let a bad socket ruin your investment!

Inspecting your laser socket on a consistent basis will reduce tube replacements, lower overall costs, and maximize your machine’s uptime.

RF TubeRF Power Tubes are the heart of a CO2 laser, and having a clean, undamaged socket is essential for the tube's health. When you replace the RF tube, always inspect the condition of the socket before replacing it. A bad socket will result in a shorter life of the RF tube. 

The heater circuit passes through hundreds of amps (like a welder); if the contact is bad, the tube will overheat and can result in breaking the ceramic to metal seal.


When inspecting the socket, look for:
  • Bent or broken finger contacts
  • Pitting of contact surfaces
  • Excessive oxidation on contact fingers
  • Missing or broken springs (on the inner filament contact)
 Bad RF TubeBad RF Tube 2

Below is a photo of a “good” socket.  If the socket no longer looks like this, it is best to replace it with the the genuine Thales sockets for the RS3021CJ triode and RS2048CJC tetrode. This will result in a longer RF tube life and properly protect your investment.

Good Socket

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