Protective Lens Cover

Part Number: RLT130/30D5THP
OEM #: 766719, 0766719
  • AR Coating: @900-1080 nm @630-650 nm
  • Size: 30 × 5 mm
  • Machine OEM: Trumpf
  • Material: Fused Silica

30 Dia. x 5mm, Fused Silica Window with high power coating best suited for laser power of 8 kW and up.

  • Made from VIOSIL quartz glass substrate, which is a high quality pure synthetic silica glass that is highly transparent with excellent optical properties and is bubble free.
  • The surfaces are mechanically polished with a thickness tolerance of ±0.2mm
  • The edges are ground to the specified diameter with a tolerance of  +0/-0.2mm
  • Coated with a proprietary antireflective coating on both sides, @900-1080 nm, @630-650 nm
You can use RLT128/30D5T for up to 6 kW of laser power.
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